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"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light."
–  from Harry Potter -
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BAL Theatre celebrating 25th Anniversary in 2020-2021!
Break-A-Leg Theatre Arts has taken this downtime to begin planning for its 25th Anniversary Season that will begin in September 2020.  The board has some great ideas on their upcoming season (see below) along with some great celebratory events and fundraisers.  Click the Follow us on Facebook button above and like our page to receive the latest news on what we are up to - including upcoming virtual readings, registrations for classes and where and when to get tickets for upcoming productions.
Upcoming Events...
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Check out our upcoming events on our 25th Anniversary Event page HERE.
It's a given that we are in challenging times!  

The arts are important to Albertans because the arts act as a bridge that bring divided people together.  We believe that this year, more than any other, we need that.  Its been a difficult and challenging time for many people due to the corona virus pandemic - with lots of political strife, lots of disagreements, and lots of fighting.  The arts have unique way of bringing about a sense of community and connecting people in a way that would otherwise not see themselves as neighbours.

Our organization would not be where it is today without the support from our loyal fans, followers and over two hundred volunteer actors and alumni throughout the past quarter century. Because of this support, we continue to give back to the community that gave to us. 

What can you do to support Break-A-Leg Theatre moving forward?

There are many ways you can help us:

  • Purchase a 25th Anniversary membership ($25 for the season) for our upcoming season, even though we're in a holding pattern right now and it may require some adjustments, our season will be happening. Anyone purchasing a 25th Anniversary membership will also receive a 25th Anniversary Passport that is eligible to win some great prize giveaways throughout the year.  Click HERE to purchase your membership today!
  • Businesses can participate in our member benefits - business program.  Click HERE
  • Reach out to your elected officials and let them know how important live arts, made in your community, are to you as a voter.
  • Enjoy our online experiences.  Like us on Facebook and keep up-to-date on programming, fundraisers, events and classes we will be doing while we wait to come together for our regular programming.
  • Be a Break-A-Leg Theatre ambassador! Encourage others to invest in theatre by purchasing a membership, making a donation, becoming a board member, volunteering at our shows or by purchasing show tickets when they become available!
Break-A-Leg Theatre  and the COVID pandemic
The Toys Take Over Christmas kicks off 25th Anniversary Season
Break-A-Leg Theatre Arts is pleased to announce that the Jr. Drama production of The Toys Take Over Christmas will launch their 25th Anniversary Season just in time for the Christmas season! Registrations for the Jr. program began in September and rehearsals are now underway!  

The Toys Take Over Christmas cast consists of:
Emerson Gibbons
The Toymaker
Jewell Pederson
Sunny, a doll
Leah Cournoyer
Collette, a Clown doll
Taya Kapatch
Tina, a Fashion doll
Sierra Kvill
Customer #1 / Customer #2
Hayden Amundrud
Conrad Mack
Soldier Captain
Reid Amundrud
Soldier #1
Grayson Wintermute
Soldier #2
The hardhearted toymaker refuses to sell any of the dolls he makes, but his magic made them almost like real children and they want to escape the workshop and have fun with other children. The toys are wonderfully varied. There's prim Tina, the fashion-plate doll; a tomboy clown who is so afraid of the toymaker that she agrees with everything he says; and the rag doll Sunny whose legs were badly stuffed so she's always on the verge of falling down and has to be helped up by the gallant wooden soldier. Now the toys are in revolt against the toymaker, and when they find a jar of hearts, they pin one on him. Zowie—the heart does its stuff!