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"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light."
–  from Harry Potter -
Dickens of a Christmas Carol - 2006
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Break-A-Leg Theatre Arts will on occasion record their rehearsals or productions. Photographs and video recordings may be taken by Break-A-Leg Theatre Arts Society or a third party contractor of your child during a class or performance for promotional, instructional or archival purposes. Check either "yes" or "no" if you permit us to record or photograph your child. 
Step 1. Registration for Fall classes 
What class would you like to register in?
Break-A-Leg Theatre Arts requires that all students and actors taking classes or performing on stage become a member of Break-A-Leg Theatre. Please complete the following information.  If you were registered in The Toys Takeover Christmas click on "Renewal" below.  All other registrants click on "New Membership" below. Memberships help to offset our insurance costs, costumes and makeup.
Complete Parts A & B of Step 1 first and then click on the "SUBMIT" button at the end before moving to Step B for payment.  
Step 2: Payment
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Returning Students from Cancelled 2020 Show ------------------------------------------>
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What's New?
  • Students between 9 and 17 years of age may register.
  • This is a combined Jr/Sr class so your child could be performing with older students (up to 17 years of age).
  • Rehearsals will run from September 22 - December 8, Wednesday evenings, for 12 weeks with the occasional Sunday afternoon rehearsal closer to performance night.
  • Returning students that participated in The Toys Takeover Christmas production that was cancelled in December 2020 will not be required to pay for a new membership but must still complete the membership form below and check the box marked "renewal".
  • All new students are required to purchase an annual membership.
  • All rehearsals will be in-person at Gateway Community Church unless instructed otherwise.
  • If your child is showing any signs of illness, please have them remain at home.
  • Instructor has been fully vaccinated.
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Class production 
"The Christmas Corral"
 JR/SR Drama Program Registrations will REMAIN OPEN!!!
Deadline - September 8th (or sooner if capacity is reached)
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