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“Without writers, stories would not be written.  Without actors, stories could not be brought to life.”
― Angie-Marie Delsante
Play Summary
The Velveteen Rabbit
Production Information
​"There are two ways to be real," the Skin Horse says. "The first is when you are real to one special child, and the second is when you are real to the world." More than anything he wants to be a real rabbit—real to the world. One night the Toy Fairy offers him his chance, but he must leave with her immediately. The boy, who is ill with scarlet fever, will die without him. Will the Velveteen Rabbit go with the Toy Fairy, or will his love for the boy cause him to turn his back on the thing he wants most? If he stays, what will happen to him? Margery Williams' beloved tale is faithfully told and carefully expanded for the stage. The Velveteen Rabbit provides all audiences with comedy, pathos, adventure and a final triumph for the hero, who learns that love makes all things real.
June 13, 14 and 15, 2019
West Fraser Guild - Performing Arts Theatre of Hinton (PATH)
821 Switzer Drive, Hinton, AB

Doors open at 6:30 pm
Show starts at 7:00 pm 

Admission: $15/Adult
                 $10/Youth and Student

Suitable for all ages and families!

Tickets will become available through our online box office
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by James Still based on the book by Margery Williams
Audition Information
Auditions are NOW CLOSED for the VELVETEEN RABBIT. 
Thanks to those that attended auditions and trying out!